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Bankruptcy Pricing


Chapter 13 – Wage Earners Plan

The Middle District Bankruptcy Court sets the “presumptive” fee for Chapter 13 bankruptcies at $3,700. That is what most attorneys charge for filing a Chapter 13 case, and we charge the presumptive fee in most cases. Fees are sometimes higher in cases that involve small businesses.  Chapter 13 fees are generally paid over time through your Chapter 13 plan.

  • Fees & Costs
    $500 Attorneys Fees Before Filing (the remaining $3,200 in the Middle District will be paid over time)
    $310 Filing Fee
    $64 Credit Counseling and Credit Report ($84 joint)


Chapter 7 – “Fresh Start” Bankruptcy

Under the bankruptcy code, all fees in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy have to be paid before you file bankruptcy.  This is a complete list of the fees we charge in a typical debtor bankruptcy – there are no additional hidden charges (although there are some unusual situations when we will need to go to court on your behalf; if there are additional fees involved we will disclose them in advance as well).

You do not have to pay all of these fees before you start to work with us.  We will work with you and offer payment plans to get these fees paid before you file.  However, all attorneys fees are required to be paid before you file.

  • Fees & Costs
    in some unusually complicated cases, fees may be higher
    $1600 Attorneys Fees
    $335 Filing Fee
    $72 Credit Counseling and Credit Report ($100 joint)
  • Business Call us at 919-246-4676 for a quote on a flat fee for your small business Chapter 7.


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Reorganization

Chapter 11 bankruptcy offers reorganization, generally to corporations and limited liability companies, but also to high net worth individuals. It is by far the most expensive type of bankruptcy.  The filing fee for a Chapter 11 is $1717. We bill Chapter 11s on an hourly basis, and usually require a retainer of at least $15,000 and often more.  Fees incurred must be approved by the court.


Members of the Hyatt Legal Plan should call us at 919-246-4676 for pricing information.

We DO NOT accept credit cards for payment of debtor bankruptcy costs and fees.

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